2022-05-24 || 4:30 p.m.

Welp! 2 years have passed once again since my last update! If anyone from Ukraine sees this we’re thinking of you and believe you will win Russia’s war! We NATO countries always got your back! 🇺🇦💕🇨🇦

I was looking at entries from 2005 when I was pregnant or just had Sarah! She’ll be done grade 11 in a few weeks..! 17 in October! Around this time next year she’ll be graduating!! 😁😩😢

Almost done school for the second year in the beginning of June myself! And hopefully will have a job in my field right away! We shall see if they email back or call! Hmmm.. still not working since giant tiger closed down in 2020.. no boyfriend since Troy and will HAPPILY stay that way! Nothing much else! Hopefully I’ll be back again before another two years! Lol

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